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I’m no advocate for struggling. I mean, who doesn’t want a problem-free life?
The reality is that struggles are a part of life and sometimes they give you the opportunity to flex your mental and spiritual muscle.
Your spirit lies within you and it is a deep reservoir of thoughts and ideas and suggestions that can move you from your place of struggle to a place of overcoming the mental ability to stick with something from start through to completion by all means isn’t easy.

So what can you do?

1. Stay on target.

A major component of mental strength is the capacity to focus in on the pursuit of long-term goals. People who are mentally weak allow the minor hindrances of life to distract them from their objectives, which inevitably leads to underachievement. Surviving the inevitable setbacks and disappointments of life requires focusing on larger goals and plans.

2. Look at adversity as an opportunity.

Tough times aren’t necessarily a bad thing–in fact, they can often be a positive. That’s because you only really learn and grow through overcoming difficulties. The simple act of embracing a challenge can be a massive psychological step forward. Such a change in attitude can alter your whole outlook on life, helping to increase your mental fortitude.

3. Focus only on what you can control (my favourite).

Worry and fear are the enemies of mental stability and strength. While fear and worry may be impossible to totally avoid, many people bring trouble upon themselves by obsessing over things they cannot really control. For example, worrying about how a project will be received once it is submitted is pointless and accomplishes nothing. Focusing on whatever task is at hand–and letting the rest take care of itself–is simply smarter.

What you do have to understand is that today’s struggle actually contains the strength that you need for tomorrow. Stick with the process. You will come out successful in the end.