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If you were to get into a taxi, the first thing the driver would say to you is, where do you want to go? and lets just say you said to the driver, it doesn’t matter, just keep driving, after a while because of the taxi drivers own objectives, even they would get a little fed up.

This is because vision is the parent of direction, and today I want to share some ideas with you about having a vision for your life.

Unfortunately we sometimes tend to associate vision with our ideas of visionaries.
So its easier to look at a great entrepreneur, a Richard Branson or a Steve Jobs and say they are the ones with vision, but vision is applicable to everyone.

From childhood and for the main development years that followed, my vision was to be a successful musician, but as I started learning how to change my life and my habits and craft a new vision, I have realised that people avoid creating a vision for their lives because they believe the exercise is futile.
I mean why craft a vision when it’s impossible to accomplish those things anyway?

Does having a vision make you better able to change your life, or does being able to change your life make having a vision possible?

The reason why vision is so important, is because every achievement is subject to hitting a brick wall, and every leader suffers from ‘The dark night of the soul’. This is the period of time when the methods of the how are questioned, and you wonder whether the what is really worth it.
The bible passage ‘where there is no vision, the people perish’ Proverbs 29:18 provides the simplest of explanations: Without vision, or a strong why, there is often little reason to persist in the face of adversity.

I recommend the following:

Get a strong why, it will give clarity to the what, and in the face of difficulty, the how will always appear.