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By nature I don’t think I would describe myself as the most patient of people.
From an early age my impatience demonstrated itself most when I was learning to play the piano when I was a lot better at slamming the lid down in frustration before I was able to master the instrument.
Patience literally means waiting, but what is the best way to approach the wait?

There are 3 different phases that govern your approach to patience and they are Acceptance, Tolerance and Embracing.

Acceptance for me used to represent that moment where I throw my hands up in the air in complete frustration which would quickly turn to a sullen outlook until things start to change.
Acceptance now gives me the opportunity to be calm resolute and solution focused.

Tolerance used to represent an overt demonstration of I am putting up with this’ whilst below the surface I was actually seething and doing my best not to display anger.
Tolerance now represents understanding.
What does understanding really mean?
I flip the word around so understanding becomes stand under!
Life operates by principle, and standing under a principle means that rather like an umbrella, it can shield you from the rain of life until it is dry and sunny again.

Embracing used to men resignation, whereas now resignation means wholeheartedly throwing rather like an actual embrace, my arms around the process and

Patience is an energy and as I learn more about the giant jigsaw puzzle that is life, I have found that patience is less to do with putting up with waiting and more to do with your attitude whilst you wait.