The Ultimate Songwriter Volume 5 – Conquering Fear


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Conquering Fear

Fear is the root of a negative mental attitude.
Thoughts are contagious, and once you get something fixed in your mind, it is very easy to remain convinced by your negative thoughts.
The most important conversation you will have today is the one you have with yourself, and when you start to really ‘listen’ to what you are saying
to yourself all through a given day, you will begin to realise how
negative your thinking is, even if you consider yourself to be a positive person.
Some of these negative thoughts can be, ‘That’ll never really work, so don’t even try’ or they are going to say no to my idea again.

To change your negative to positive, you must understand if fear exists, then there must be an opposite.
The opposite to Fear is Faith, in fact, they both work by the same principles.

What will The Ultimate Songwriter Do for YOU?

This stunning collection of music gives you:

1. Ideas to muse on as starting places for lyric writing
2. Goes beyond the average piano samples product
3. Provides the most inspirational examples you will encounter anywhere.

Finally, because its all in the key of C, you can instantly hear from a 100 samples what ideas will work together

Happy Creating!