The Ultimate Songwriter Volume 7 – Balance


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I must admit that I am a ‘driven’ person. I drive myself
to succeed and have to force myself to take a break.

I have, however, learnt the importance of adding balance
to my life.

The toll that it takes on not only your physical but
emotional and spiritual well-being, is not good, and at certain times I have had to revisit the reason I got into music in the first place.

Learn to ‘chill’ and you will find your Life is
so much the richer for learning to relax and take
Life ‘not so seriously’.


What will The Ultimate Songwriter Do for YOU?

This stunning collection of music gives you:

1. Ideas to muse on as starting places for lyric writing
2. Goes beyond the average piano samples product
3. Provides the most inspirational examples you will encounter anywhere.

Finally, because its all in the key of C, you can instantly hear from a 100 samples what ideas will work together

Happy Creating!