The Ultimate Songwriter Volume 8 – Action


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As a musician you will already be aware that the biggest fear we have to deal with is the fear of rejection.
I can still remember the feeling of leaving home very early in the morning to travel great distances to present my music to the A&R man that I was hopeful would give me my “big break”.

We have all been there, the expense of the journey, the nervousness whilst you wait, the gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach as the verdict is delivered and then the long voyage home.

These experiences have the power to kill your enthusiasm, and make you think that you are not worthy of the opportunities that lie in wait for you.
I have news for you:

Your success depends on your ability to act in spite of? Fear, Worry and Inconvenience and Discomfort!
Make your music, Think it, feel it, do it and act as though it is impossible to fail.
You will be surprised at what you can accomplish.

What will The Ultimate Songwriter Do for YOU?

This stunning collection of music gives you:

1. Ideas to muse on as starting places for lyric writing
2. Goes beyond the average piano samples product
3. Provides the most inspirational examples you will encounter anywhere.

Finally, because its all in the key of C, you can instantly hear from a 100 samples what ideas will work together

Happy Creating!