The Ultimate Songwriter Volume 9 – Inspiration


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When it comes to making music, there are 2 things in particular that I dislike.
The feeling of staring at the blank file awaiting inspiration, and the feeling I get after just finishing a major piece.

It is only recently that I have come to understand that both of these feelings mark the same thing, the end and the beginning.

I have studied a lot of writers and great coaches who have assisted me on my journey, but if I am completely honest, the best inspiration and tools to survive and win I actually found when my back was against the wall and needed to find a sustainable way out.
The key lesson that I continue to learn on my journey is that succeeding in conquering any challenge is rooted in understanding that there is a vast difference between events and process.
Let me explain: buying this product is an event, but buying the ultimate songwriter isn’t enough to create change.
Long lasting change will come about as a result of your commitment to the process.
Here is whats likely to happen: You will try stuff and you will fail.
You will wake up on some mornings ready to go, fully motivated, and something will come along to completely knock the wind out of your sails.
Some days you are going to want to take to your bed and never get up AGAIN!
The key is to keep going!

What will The Ultimate Songwriter Do for YOU?

This stunning collection of music gives you:

1. Ideas to muse on as starting places for lyric writing
2. Goes beyond the average piano samples product
3. Provides the most inspirational examples you will encounter anywhere.

Finally, because its all in the key of C, you can instantly hear from a 100 samples what ideas will work together