Soul Food

Soul Food is a syndicated radio program that provides wisdom on the go delivered to your listeners in a manner that is instantly applicable to 21st Century life.

With 260 episodes divided into 3 parts, Soul Food provides over 40 hours of content that will allow your listeners to get ‘Wisdom to Go’ they no matter what they are doing.
At work, driving, running, walking the dog, mowing the lawn, riding a bike, cooking a meal, cleaning the house or simply relaxing, Soul Food makes spiritual growth and personal development more convenient than ever.

The 52 weeks schedule also contains 6 transformational series including The Soul, GROW and the groundbreaking Prosperity Pizza, a life coaching model based on success being an inside out job.

260 Powerful Episodes

Over 40 Hours


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What People Are Saying

“Practical, smart, fun, inspiring and empowering wisdom you can apply to your life RIGHT NOW — consistently moving from theory to practice.”

Elizabeth Stanmore

Nigel’s masterful syntheses combine deep insights with practical application in a manner that is ideally suited for our busy lives. We are hooked!”

Premier Gospel Radio

“Soul food contains timeless wisdom distilled into inspiring, impactful and practical micro-lessons you can instantly apply to your life today.”

Nigel Ipinson-Fleming