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Hi, my name is Nigel and thank you for checking out The Music Industry Course.
I am best known as the songwriter and keyboardist for OMD and The Stone Roses, and over the past 20 years I have run Singing, Songwriting, Gospel Choir, and Whole School Singing Programs, as Team and Confidence Building Experiences for Schools and Businesses.

My current and past clients include:

  • Cathedral Schools Trust
  • The Greenshaw Learning Trust
  • Nexus Learning Partnership
  • Cabot Learning Federation
  • Painsley Catholic College
  • St Mary Redcliffe School
  • St Stephens Primary School
  • Stanbridge Primary School

Why This Program?


I developed The Music Industry Course in response to:

Students asking me how I got started in the music industry, what are the steps I took, and what do I think they should do based on where they are


Teachers asking me for resources that join the theory with practical application,  which draws on my knowledge base of relevant and up to date information. 


I wish that I had access to these types of resources when I was in school, as it would have brought the music industry to my door, given me a lot of confidence, and saved me a lot of time.

Course Overview

Focused on supporting KS4 and BTEC curriculum requirements, the program contains video based interviews, how to guides and downloads.

Each module features interviews with key industry professionals from the world of songwriting, production, and performance.

This is vital for your students, as it will allow them to remain connected to an ever evolving industry.

The Music Business

The Ultimate Songwriter

The Record Producer

The Ultimate Performer

Part 1 – The Music Business

The Music industry like any other industry is a circle that begins with your decision to create, own and market skills or ideas, and get them in the hands of the consumer.

It relies on countless individuals, small industries, partnerships, local agencies and promoters who make the world of music a true industry.

Companies and individuals that create, promote and distribute music work include:

  • Major and Independent record companies
  • music publishing and self-publishing
  • promoters  for concerts, clubs, and festivals
  • broadcasting on TV, radio and the internet
  • marketing and distribution, online, via high street stores, and social media.

How these organisations interrelate and why the relationships are important

This module covers:

How does someone earn money in the music industry?
Where is the best place to start?
What is marketing?
Why are contracts important?

Part 2- The Ultimate Songwriter

The aim of the Ultimate Songwriter is to enable your students to understand the essential components of successful songs, draws attention to common obstacles and hurdles in the songwriting process, and teaches both aspiring and practicing songwriters key approaches to writing songs which includes the practical application of:

  • 32 bar song form
  • verse
  • chorus
  • riffs
  • middle 8
  • bridge
  • instrumental breaks
  • intros and outros
  • melismatic and syllabic writing

This module also comes with an awe-inspiring collection of 1000 MIDI FILES of chord progressions, melody lines and song structures to kick start the writing process, ELIMINATE SONGWRITERS BLOCK and provide the springboard from which your students will be able to write songs.

The Ultimate Songwriter comprises 1000 original pieces of music categorised by
Grooves and Melodies

Students will instantly be able to hear what ideas work together because the are ALL IN THE KEY OF C

Part 3- The Record Producer

Record Production is the art of weaving all of the components that go into making the final product sound cohesive.
It is a series of decision making from the choice of rhythm, sounds, vocal texture and mixing, that ultimately effects the overall direction of a record.

The aim of the Ultimate Producer is to enable your students to understand

  • vocal and instrumental techniques within popular music
  • the development and impact of technology over time
  • the variety and development of styles within popular music over time
  • the typical musical characteristics, conventions and features of specific genres.

This module covers:

How to make your production effective using tools such as

  • Mixing
  • panning
  • syncopation
  • driving rhythms
  • balance
  • lead and backing vocals
  • loops and samples

Part 4- The Ultimate Performer

I have to start this off by simply stating that CONFIDENCE IS KEY
Over the course of the past 25 years I have the opportunity to coach, mentor, develop a wide range of people and the one thing that has been essential in every area and is vital to a performer, is CONFIDENCE.

Learning how to perform music with control, making expressive use of phrasing and dynamics appropriate to the style and mood of the music, is essential to becoming a confident performer.

I help students to demonstrate an understanding of performing with accuracy and fluency, whilst also learning the difference between technical control and performing musically and with appropriate expression and interpretation

In this module we cover:

  • What makes a great live performer
  • Telling the story not just singing the song
  • What would you dare to achieve if your perception of failure could be changed?
  • How to get out of your comfort zone


So we’ve talked about your students but what about you?

The best teachers are role models, renowned for their ability to make lessons interesting, good listeners, and inspire confidence.

However if you are busy developing the minds of others, then who is supporting you?

How much access do you have to vocationally-specific, workplace case-study materials or expertise?

Do you get the opportunity to invite relevant experts or contacts to engage with your students?

Additional Resources
The one thing we all have at a premium is TIME, so I have created some additional resources designed to work alongside your curriculum, focused on giving you what you need to help you be more effective.
They Include The Tutor Hotline and some optional live workshops
Tutor Hotline

What do you need?

  • One to One coaching time?
  • Introduction to specialist resources?
  • Idea generation regarding your curriculum?

You will have a direct line to book time as you need it, whether this is for encouragement and inspiration, or ideas and introduction to additional resources

I Have A Dream

The I have a dream seminar is a 45 minute presentation that I usually deliver to whole year groups, where I weave your school values into a practical step by step guide of how the values of Ambition, Confidence, Persistence, have underpinned my career as a musician and entrepreneur.

I tell the story of my journey from playing the piano as a 3 year old, through to my time in OMD, The Stone Roses, as a Tech Entrepreneur including my current day songwriting and record production work.

It also provides the opportunity for musical demonstration of ear training and a Q&A to show the transferability of key skills

Inspire Me

The Inspire me Workshop is a location based workshop that will enable your students to:

Watch me at work as I take them through the record production process, step by step
Understand the unique insights I have gained in over 20 years in the music industry
Learn techniques that will encourage and enable them to flourish

Gospel Choir

This amazing workshop is designed to help your students explore and discover the cultural basis for gospel music, provide a diverse experience, as well as being a time to just celebrate and enjoy life!

Gospel music increases confidence, encourages teamwork and promotes effective listening skills.

If you are looking for something fun, exciting and uplifting for you to do?

Then this is for you!

What People Are Saying

A heartfelt THANK YOU for your incredible influence on Greenshaw Learning Trust students. You have succeeded in establishing strong working relationships with them, and we are grateful for your time and energy.

Josie Mingay

The Greenshaw Learning Trust

Never in my career have I come across an atmosphere of such willing encouragement for each other as children face a challenge. It is the weekly space where honest performance meets inclusive participation.

Ian Frost

Oxfordshire Diocese Trust

From the Pop Academy through to the Gospel Choir, I developed an amazing partnership with Nigel, and his investment in developing our students ability to write, produce and perform has been invaluable

Eiron Bailey

Cathedral Schools Trust

Get in Touch With Me

Thank you for taking time to look at the course overview.
In line with the school timetable, the course will officially be opening to new schools in September 2021.
Between now and then, I would like the chance to talk to you about music and the performing arts in your school, your aspirations for the next school year, and how I can support your ongoing development.

Please fill in the form on the right, letting me know the best way to contact you, and we will will take it from there.

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