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Hi, my name is Nigel.

I am best known as the songwriter and keyboardist for OMD and The Stone Roses, and over the past 20 years I have run Singing, Songwriting, Gospel Choir, and Whole School Singing Programs, as Team and Confidence Building Experiences for Schools and Businesses.

My current and past clients include:

  • Cathedral Schools Trust
  • The Greenshaw Learning Trust
  • Nexus Learning Partnership
  • Cabot Learning Federation
  • Painsley Catholic College
  • St Mary Redcliffe School
  • St Stephens Primary School
  • Stanbridge Primary School

Choose From The Following Workshops


Gospel Choir

The Music Industry

I Have A Dream


SINGSPIRATION is a whole year singing workshop ideal for Whole School singing in primary school and year 7’s.

The journey from primary to secondary is often a challenging one, and this workshop helps the transition, is a great opportunity to identify musical talent, and a great pathway for others to explore your schools musical opportunities.

SINGSPIRATION is about unity, building confidence, the power of story telling and creating life long memories through song.

Music supports wellbeing, is good for mental health, is great for the emotional health of students and staff alike, and there are fewer better sounds than that of a whole year singing with one voice.

The workshop lasts for 1 hour and is the type of experience that will build a great platform for a students future life in your school.


Gospel Choir

Gospel music is one of the most uplifting genres of music around, and over the years I have delivered 100’s of workshops where can’t sing wont sing was the baseline.
However after one hour, the energy in the room has dramatically changed as people have stepped out of their comfort zone and embraced this amazing challenge.

This is because Gospel music increases confidence, encourages teamwork and promotes effective listening skills because of the nature of 3 part harmony

This amazing workshop is designed to help your students explore and discover the cultural basis for gospel music, provide a diverse experience, as well as being a time to just celebrate and enjoy life!

Ideally for year 10’s and above, if you are looking for something fun, exciting, diverse, and uplifting for your students or your team…

Then this is for you!

The Music Industry 

Focused on supporting KS4 and BTEC curriculum requirements, this workshop covers The Music Business, Songwriting, Production, and Live Performance, with post workshop resources that include how to guides and downloads.

This workshop can be tailored to suit your area of focus, so choose from one or all the following sessions:

The Music Business
– covers how music gets from the artist to the consumer, the job roles and responsibilities at each stage, the types of organisations involved, and how the industry constantly adapts to the digital age.

Songwriting – we cover the common obstacles and hurdles in the songwriting process, and show aspiring songwriters key approaches to writing songs.

Record Production – This will help your students understand how records gets produced and how to make their productions more effective.

The Ultimate Performer- In this section, I help students to understand How to get out of their comfort zone and What makes a great live performer.



I have to start this off by simply stating that CONFIDENCE IS KEY
Over the course of the past 25 years I have the opportunity to coach, mentor, develop a wide range of people and the one thing that has been essential in every area is CONFIDENCE.

The I have a dream seminar is a 45 minute presentation that I usually deliver to whole year groups, where I weave your school values into a practical step by step guide of how the values of Ambition, Confidence, Persistence, have underpinned my career as a musician and entrepreneur.

I tell the story of my journey from playing the piano as a 3 year old, through to my time in OMD, The Stone Roses, as a Tech Entrepreneur including my current day songwriting and record production work.

It also provides the opportunity for musical demonstration of ear training and a Q&A to show the transferability of key skills



A heartfelt THANK YOU for your incredible influence on Greenshaw Learning Trust students. You have succeeded in establishing strong working relationships with them, and we are grateful for your time and energy.
Josie Mingay

The Greenshaw Learning Trust

Never in my career have I come across an atmosphere of such willing encouragement for each other as children face a challenge. It is the weekly space where honest performance meets inclusive participation.
Ian Frost

Oxfordshire Diocese Trust

From the Pop Academy through to the Gospel Choir, I developed an amazing partnership with Nigel, and his investment in developing our students ability to write, produce and perform has been invaluable
Eiron Bailey

Cathedral Schools Trust